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Below are some frequently-asked questions (FAQs) that have come from our customers in the past.





What should I know when choosing interior colors?

Light colors will help lighten a dark or poorly lighted room and provide a psychological lift. Light colors also make walls and ceilings appear to be further away and can make small rooms look larger. Dark colors can give a room a dramatic look and create a sense of intimacy. Bright, vibrant colors will give a room a cheerful feel. Warm colors can make the walls appear closer while cool colors can make the walls appear farther away.

How do I know how a color will look in my home?

Color is affected by its surface, the sheen of the paint, light conditions, and room layouts so keep these things when in mind when choosing color.

How do I pick the right color?

The right color is the one that creates the feeling, mood or theme in a room that you want. Looking for drama? Find the color that gives you that sense. Want calm? Find the colors that relax you. You can also find inspiration in everything from a vacation spot to artwork to your baby's blue eyes. Lastly, consider what you have in your home - furniture, accessories, floorings even the light exposures.

What kind of lighting is best used for color matching?

Natural or daylight is the standard for color matching. At select Janovic stores, we can give you a preview of how a color will look in a room with the lighting the room has.

How do I select the right brush size?

In general, use the largest size brush that can be comfortably be used to get the job done. For painting into corners that can't be reached with a roller, a 3' brush works well. For window frames, trim and other narrow surfaces, use a brush that's slightly narrower than the trim surfaces being painted. For detail work or painting into hard-to-reach areas, use an angled sash brush in a size slightly narrower than the surface being painted.

How do I select the right roller cover?

To pick a quality roller cover, look for the following features: 1) A plastic or phenolic core instead of cardboard so it will hold up better; 2) No visible seams; this will minimize streaking on the painted surface; and 3) A resilient nap that retains its shape, even after being squeezed.

How can I know how a color will look in my home?

The best way to check a color is to buy a sample quart in the type of paint you're going to use and paint out a sample on a fairly large piece of wood or drywall that has a texture like the surface you'll be painting.

What kind of artificial light is the least distorting to the paint color?

Bright, white halogens are the closest to the natural daylight illumination.

How do I know what supplies I will need?

Our paint experts will guide you in selecting the right materials for your paint job, whether exterior or interior.

How do I know which finish is right for my home?

Our paint experts can guide you to make the right selection based on the room function, decor, style, lighting and surface.

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