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Natura by Benjamin Moore: The Safest Paint Ever Made

We offer premium paint from Benjamin Moore that can tackle heavy duty jobs and stay environmentally friendly. Combine the best aspects of nature and industry with Natura paint:

 - Certified asthma and allergy friendly – the safest paint ever produced, guaranteed

- Elimination of that caustic chemical smell combined with a green solution for urban living

- Quick drying formula that aids your job with speed and efficiency

- Eye popping color quality paired with a remarkable finish that will surprise and please your guests

- Voted 2015 Product of the Year by the TNS consumer survey

- Comes in Flat, Eggshell and Semi-gloss

Eco-friendly paints always soar over the traditional paints that use a great deal of chemical components. Some of the primary ill effects of these chemical based paints are burning eyes, nose and throat, irritated skin, minor skin burns, headaches, dizziness, etc. At the secondary level they can be the cause of migraine, skin cancer, asthma, kidney damage, etc. Therefore, a safer alternative is eco friendly paints that are composed of natural ingredients.

Mostly all eco friendly paints are water based and do not leave harmful footprints at all. Moreover, natural components present in these paints are biodegradable. Over time they have been functionally improved and are currently being offered in a variety of shades.

Almost every chemical paint comprises of VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds. These are emitted especially when such chemical paints are produced in the factories. They are also emitted when you use them to paint walls. VOC leaves behind chemical waste that is non biodegradable and non recyclable. Eco friendly paints are superior in comparison and either contain no VOC at all or only just a slight amount of it, which will cause relatively lesser damage.