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New York Public Library

Whether you are studying or browsing, Janovic’s calming tones will help you relax and concentrate on what you need to do. Founded in 1895, the New York Public Library has a rich history in providing free books and education to whomever walks through their doors. At Janovic we have a similar philosophy: our paint experts come equipped with first-rate knowledge and are here to help you. When we supply the paint for the New York Public library, we do so with you in mind.

How to Stop Glare

stop glare

How to Pick the Right Paint Finish

Choosing the right paint finish will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make when starting a project. Why? The finish will affect the look of your home for years to come.

Employee of the Month - Tom Manhart

Our June Employee of the Month goes to Tom Manhart! ⁣

Moving Edition: The Right Time to Buy Window Blinds

Moving...it’s both exciting and exhausting all-in-one. Have you considered when you’ll buy window blinds for your new place?