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A Primer on the Power of Paint

Can simply changing the color on your walls change your life? Discover the magical and psychological powers of paint.

Before you pick up a pail of paint, consider how color can evoke a range of emotions. Blue, which is calming and serene, is often used in bedrooms for restful sleep. Red is frequently found in restaurants to enliven a great meal.

Now, think about the colors in your home. Do they make you feel energized or relaxed? Inspired or bored?

Color has the power and ability to completely change your experiences. Whether it’s comfort, confidence or cheer you seek, paint can deliver it. It can positively impact everything from the quality of your sleep to your ability to relax to your productivity, even the quality of your health and relationships. For example, using red in the bedroom may leave you feeling too energized to sleep well. Getting good rest naturally impacts your life - after all, who can work productively or be a good friend if they’re cranky and tired from poor sleep? Change the color of your space to upgrade the quality of your home and you can change your life in the process.

When choosing new colors, ask yourself how you want to feel in a room and which colors can help achieve that. For every color, there’s a corresponding emotion – frequently different for each person, of course. Some people are overstimulated by red, others are energized, for example. White can be a calming canvas or evoke a feeling of sterility. Some find grey creates a sense of glamour; for others it’s murky and depressing! The right colors can help create the experiences you want.

Eco-friendly paints are another option for your home beyond using color. They improve indoor air quality, reduce environmental impact and cut down on urban smog while also being extremely durable. Both our Benjamin Moore and Fine Paints of Europe lines offer eco-friendly choices.

Ready for your upgrade? Start picking out paint chips.