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Painting with Shades of Blue

benjamin moore paint brings shades of blue to NYC homes

As this decade is coming to a close, you may be thinking of some New Year’s Resolutions and changes that you want to make in your life. This is also the perfect time to make some changes around your home! During the cooler months, you’re often spending some extra time indoors, so why not use some of that time for new home projects? We are huge fans of changing things up within the home, and we’re here with a few different ways paint can become your best friend for an easy change.


A Timeless Color for a Reason

Each Year, Pantone chooses a favorite color to become the new Color of the Year. For 2020, we are looking at Classic Blue! Blue has been a long-standing favorite for paint, decor, and overall themes in homes because of its relaxing nature and serene vibes. There are so many ways you can add blue to a space to achieve different looks. Whether you’re decorating for a coastal feel with some light paint or a regal look with textured wallpaper, your walls serve as a blank canvas to start with.

Shades of blue wallpaper in dining room

Moody Walls are Trending Right Now

Many people think that adding a darker color to your walls will make the room feel closed off, with a cave-like effect. However, if done in the right way, it can have the exact opposite result! The key is choosing the right room. Notice how this room has the French Doors which allow tons of natural light so seep into the room and play beautifully off the blue walls. 

Benjamin Moore blue pain in room with French Doors.

Don’t Stop at the Top of the Wall

Have you ever painted a ceiling in your home any other color than white? Now is the time! So many shades of blue would be absolutely perfect for this fun and bold design choice. This vaulted ceiling and the beams are stunning and will always be a showstopper for years to come. Benjamin Moore offers loads of colors and you’re sure to find a favorite for your space very quickly! 

Benjamin Moore aqua pain on ceiling and beams.

Dress Up Your Small Spaces with Shades of Blue

Hallways and entryways often go forgotten when it comes to decor and style. But they actually make the perfect place to add a pop of color with some paint since the decor you can place in a narrow hallway is limited. Adding shades of blue to a hallway or entryway in your home is sure to introduce your visitors to your home with warm, welcoming tones. 

Hallway featuring paint in shades of blue.

Time to Get Started Today!

Our team, here at Janovic, is so excited to be working with many shades of blue this new year since it’s now the Color of the Year. We are eager to help you incorporate it into your home as well! Contact us today!