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King's Theatre

Brooklyn's historic King's Theatre has some of the most breathtaking and visually stimulating architecture in any of the five boroughs.

New York Public Library

Whether you are studying or browsing, Janovic’s calming tones will help you relax and concentrate on what you need to do.

Rainbow Room

Manhattan’s famous Rainbow Room has played host to a whole history in New York City.


Janovic paint has covered the walls of many prestigious institutions like the MoMA.

Dustless Workspace with Festool

Done with all of that dust? Nothing helps you breathe easier like a Festool. Our state-of-the-art German technology will clean your workspace as you go.

Natura by Benjamin Moore: The Safest Paint Ever Made

We offer premium paint from Benjamin Moore that can tackle heavy duty jobs and stay environmentally friendly.

Plutonium Paint: 2.5x the coverage

Check out the latest products and features at Janovic!

Plutonium Paint:

A Primer on the Power of Paint

Before you pick up a pail of paint, consider how color can evoke a range of emotions. Blue, which is calming and serene, is often used in bedrooms for restful sleep.